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Donations & Memorials are always welcome!


Mission Statement

The First Baptist Church library is a ministry that exists to collect and share media that supports the educational ministry of our church and that supports a Christian lifestyle with persons in our church and community.  It seeks to provide the highest quality of Christian media materials available for all ages.  The library ministry not only seeks to encourage Christian growth, but hopefully serves as an outreach into the unsaved and non-churched people of our community.



The Library is located on the ground floor of Building C (2-story building) on the Education Campus. It is on the south end of the hallway across from room C-101.

Mobile Library can be found in the Worship Center Mall on Sunday mornings and in the Multi-Purpose Bldg. on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. You can even request for items to be delivered to the mobile library.  Stop by the mobile library to make your request or EMAIL FRANCES.


Book Donations

Financial gifts and memorials are always welcome.  You may even choose the books to be purchased if you'd like.

Books that are donated should always be brought to the Library ONLY during Library hours (see schedule at right) OR to the church office during regular office hours (Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Please DO NOT drop off book donations outside the Library.  

Please Note:  We cannot accept books that are more than 5 years old, have discolored pages or are excessively worn.  Book mold is a common occurence in older books and can cause serious illness to the handler or reader.  We are no longer accepting VHS tapes.

If you have questions about any books that you wish to donate, please call the church office, 251-3052, during office hours.

General reading features several hundred titles of varying interest to our patrons.  Books that are non-fiction, fiction, biographical in nature are available for circulation.

Younger and middle children may enjoy their own reading center in the library where they may enjoy picture books, Easy Reader chapter books for young beginners, and special topic items.  Audio books, CDs, and DVDs are also available for circulation but only with parent in the company of the child at the time of check out.

The young adult and older children area encourages Christian values and has children’s literature, research materials and includes books and materials for public, private and home school assignments.

History and Archives helps share the legacy of this church and community.  This service anticipates growth, activity and organization in the near future.  The church membership is asked to contribute from their own collections archive materials that can be preserved for the benefit of maintaining our historical identity.


Operation Policies

Gifts to the Library

Book SElection Policy



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  Our Library Staff:

  Frances Stark, Director

  Eloise Blakeley              June Oliver

  Janice Bullard                Barbara Reynolds

  Lucille Edens                 Doris Sanders

  Linda Miears                  Evanell Shepperd

  Betty Mueller                 Mickey Walden

  Trina Muenzer               Nancy Wharton

  Jo Nix                               

Our Schedule

Main Library in Bldg. C:  

  Sunday:  10:30 - 11:00 am 
10:00 am - 2:00 pm - Open during

                     Wee Ones Preschool hours.  Ring

                     doorbell attached to the door at the

                     south entrance to Bldg. C for


Mobile Library: 

  Sunday Morning:  Look for us Before &

                  After both morning worship

                  services in the Worship Center


   Sunday Evening:   5:30-6:30 pm in the MPB

   Wednesday Evening:   5-6 pm in the MPB


Contact Us

Frances Stark, Director


Mike Northen

Pastor - Education & Administration

 Email Mike